Donating To Trump

Donald Trump needs your help to win this election!
The presidential election is just a few more days away!
Donate now for our ”Trump for President 2016′‘ media campaign.

Make America Great Again!
Our goal is to see Donald Trump leading this Country as President! Therefore we tweet, text, mail and publish news, poll results all over the internet. Talking with Americans from Washington to San Francisco. We try as hard as possible to convince everybody that only with Donald Trump America will be great again!

Donald Trump closes in on Hillary Clinton in latest polls!
But it’s not yet time to celebrate, we still need your help to get Donald Trump elected as our new 45th President of the United States!

Donations / Bitcoin Donations
There is not much time left, therfore donations via Bitcoin are the most efficient way to raise funds for our enormous social media campaign.
We need to make sure that we can mobilize every single person to vote for Donald Trump!

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